Alright.. I’m not going to list all the advantages of cannabis here, nor am i going to debate and try to convince to get it legalized. I will just tell you how to get it!

Bhang is the most commonly used form of cannabis in India followed by Charas & Ganja. To know more about it & how good it is for you, you might want to check out –

It’s easy to get bhang in India. Some cities do have government authorized shops, others have the pan shops! Just go to any panwala and ask for “bhola” or “bhola munakka”. It is a ayurvedic medicine that costs you Re 1 & has 25% pure cannabis in the form of Bhang. There you go, take about 2-3 packs and get high for a day. Do not mix it with water or milk as the packet shall read! But listen to your blogger friend & eat the shit as it is.

It starts working in about 15 minutes. And then you do whatever you are doing forever, until some external force will strike down upon thee and change your course. If you’re laughing, you’ll keep laughing; if your eating, you’ll keep eating. It is usually a great idea to meditate or pray after taking Bhang(Seriously works).